Pula nga Pula sa 170-Corimax Pula F3RK70

Technical parameters of Pigment red 170

Ang kolor sa Index No.Pula nga Pula 170
Ngalan sa produktoCorimax Red F3RK70
Kategoriya sa produktoBulawan sa Organiko
Numero sa CAS2786-76-7
Numero sa EU220-509-3
Pamilya sa KemikalMono azo
Timbang nga Molekular454.48
Pormula sa MolekularC26H22N4O4
Gipatin-aw ang PH6.5-7.5
Pagsuyup sa Langis (ml / 100g)%33-45
Kahayag nga Kape (Pag-ayo)6
Pagpugong sa Pag-init (panapton)180
Kahayag nga Kape (plastik)6-7
Pag-init sa Pag-init (plastik)260
Pagbatok sa Tubig5
Pagbalhin sa lana5
Pagsukol sa Asido5
Pagbatok sa Alkali5
Pagpanagtag sa hue


Corimax Red F3RK70 is a brilliant and opaque pigment, with excellent light and weather fastness properties , good fastness, good dispersability .


Recommended for architectural coatings, industrial coatings, powder coatings, printing pastes, PP, PE, offset inks, water-based inks, solvent inks.
Suggested for automotive paint, coil coating, PVC, PU, UV ink.

May Kalabutan nga Impormasyon

Pula nga Pula 170 is a new type of pigment that has recently come out. It has blue light red, and has stronger blue light than Pigment Red 170 and Pigment Red 210. Its application performance is not as good as Pigment Red 170, such as low light resistance of 0.5-1, sensitive to varnish and sterilization, and other properties are similar (such as tinting power, gloss and transparency). Mainly used in coatings and solvent printing inks, water-based printing inks, fabric printing and dyeing.
This pigment variety gives neutral red and has two crystal types; transparent type is blue light red with light fastness of level 6; non-transparent type has light fastness of level 7; high hiding power; more stable to solvents; The specific surface area of ​​70 is 23m2 / g; it is mainly used for coatings, and can be mixed with molybdenum chromium orange and quinacridone; transparent type is recommended.

Mga Aliase: 12474; C.I. Pigment Red 120; C.I. Pigment Red 170(4E)-4-[(4-carbamoylphenyl)hydrazono]-N-(2-ethoxyphenyl)-3-oxo-3,4-dihydronaphthalene-2-carboxamide; 4-[(E)-(4-carbamoylphenyl)diazenyl]-N-(2-ethoxyphenyl)-3-hydroxynaphthalene-2-carboxamide.

Molekular nga istruktura:Pigment-Red-170-Molecular-Structure

Physical and chemical properties:

Hue or shade: blue red
Hue or shade: brilliant blue and red
Relative density: 1.25-1.36
Bulk density / (lb / gal): 10.4-11.3
Melting point / ℃: 315-325
Average particle size / μm: 0.18-0.22
Particle shape: rod
Specific surface area / (m2 / g): 22-26
pH / (10% slurry): 6
Oil absorption / (g / 100g): 59-81
Hiding power: translucent

Product Usage:

This pigment is a new structural pigment variety that has recently come out, has a blue-red color, and has a stronger blue light than pigment red 170 and pigment red 210. Its application performance is not as good as Pigment Red 170, such as 0.5-1 low light resistance, sensitive to varnish and sterilization treatment, and other properties are similar (such as tinting strength, gloss and transparency). Mainly used in coating and solvent printing ink and water-based printing ink, textile printing and dyeing, etc.
The pigment variety gives a neutral red color and has two crystal products; the transparent type has blue light red with a light fastness of level 6, the non-transparent light fastness with a level of 7, high hiding power, and is more stable to solvents; Novoperm Red F2RK The specific surface area of 70 is 23m2 / g; it is mainly used for coatings, and can be used in color matching with molybdenum chrome orange and quinacridone; it is recommended for transparent type.